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What I Love: The Football Outsiders Almanac!

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Self-share? Self-share!
Self-share? Self-share!

No cover photo for 2011 yet, so you get 2010.

My first Varsity Numbers column at Football Outsiders came in September 2008, but I wasn't truly inundated into the F.O. world until the next summer, when I first took part in their annual publication, the Football Outsiders Almanac (former name: Football Prospectus). It is a beautiful, and lengthy, addition to the library, but it serves as both a fun narrative and an awesome resource to hit throughout the season.

As it pertains to college football, here's what you will find in the Football Outsiders Almanac 2011: complete projected rankings and win expectancy tables for every FBS team, a detailed toolbox describing the college F.O. stats, and chapters for each of the BCS conferences and key non-BCS teams, written by Brian Fremeau, Rob Weintraub, David Gardner and me. Throw in lengthy pro chapters, NFL projections, fantasy football projections, and more, and you've got a hell of a bargain for $12.

Obviously the NFL portion of this year's FOA is not yet complete -- Aaron and company are in eighth gear right now, tracking free agent changes and putting the finishing touches on everything -- but you can start reading the college portion immediately, in one of two ways at the Football Outsiders Online Store: either 1) purchase the college-only PDF for $5, or 2) pre-order the entire book for $12 and follow the prompts to download a free college PDF to tide you over. This is an awesome product, and I'm really happy to have been a part of it over the last three years.