Bill C.: So since the beginning of the 2010 calendar year, the Tennessee football program...

Bill C.: So since the beginning of the 2010 calendar year, the Tennessee football program has... a) been ditched by their young, supposed hotshot coach after just one season. b) suffered two of the most hilarious, horrifying losses in recent memory. c) lost more middle linebackers to injury than Spinal Tap lost drummers. They are heading into 2011 with an extremely young and inexperienced squad for seemingly the fourth consecutive season. Exactly what kind of pox did Phil Fulmer cast on UT when he left, and is it worth bringing him on as athletic director just so he will reverse it? Holly Anderson: The very most Tennessee kind of pox: The Biddy Bind. Fulmer, for all his goodoleboy girth, is a white-gloved church picnic henwife with man parts, and a mere flick of the wrist and a "bless your heart", delivered in a tone normally reserved around Knoxville for atheists and libruls, can cast clouds of misfortune for years. YEARS. As you can tell, it's working. But if there's anything to the campfire scuttlebutt that says Chancellor Jimmy Cheek wants an academics-minded AD to take over for noted goblin Mike Hamilton (he's on a tear to raise UT up a tier as a public university, which is pretty hysterical given that he doesn't have the state resources to pull it off), you won't see Fulmer in the swivel chair, to say nothing of the vocal minority of boosters who still haven't forgiven him for l'affaire Johnny Majors. As a people, we excel in nothing so much as grudgemongering (see: Woodson, Charles). The Tennessee Volunteers And Some Vengeful Gods

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