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Fun Stat Nerd Tidbit: Wake Forest

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Since Wake Forest is always going to be attempting to win football games with lesser recruiting rankings, let's take a look at the BCS teams whose four-year F/+ rankings are higher than their five-year recruiting ranks:

BCS Conference Teams With Higher Performance Rankings Than Recruiting Rankings
1. Connecticut (40 spots - 80th in recruiting, 40th in 4Yr F/+)
2. Cincinnati (35 spots - 62nd in recruiting, 27th in 4Yr F/+)
3. Oregon State (30 spots -- 55th in recruiting, 25th in 4Yr F/+)
4. Utah (26 spots - 52nd in recruiting, 26th in 4Yr F/+)
5. Wisconsin (22 spots - 44th in recruiting, 21st in 4Yr F/+)
5. Iowa (22 spots - 42nd in recruiting, 20th in 4Yr F/+)
7. South Florida (19 spots - 50th in recruiting, 31st in 4Yr F/+)
8. Wake Forest (15 spots - 69th in recruiting, 54th in 4Yr F/+)
9. Boston College (14 spots - 47th in recruiting, 33rd in 4Yr F/+)
10. Penn State (11 spots - 24th in recruiting, 13th in 4Yr F/+)
10. Missouri (11 spots - 28th in recruiting, 17th in 4Yr F/+)
10. Arkansas (11 spots - 29th in recruiting, 18th in 4Yr F/+)
10. Pittsburgh (11 spots - 33rd in recruiting, 22nd in 4Yr F/+)
10. Arizona (11 spots - 45th in recruiting, 34th in 4Yr F/+)

And while we're at it...

BCS Conference Teams With Lower Performance Rankings Than Recruiting Rankings
1. Washington (38 spots - 69th in 4Yr F/+, 31st in recruiting)
2. Texas A&M (36 spots - 56th in 4Yr F/+, 20th in recruiting)
3. Notre Dame (35 spots - 44th in 4Yr F/+, ninth in recruiting)
3. UCLA (35 spots - 58th in 4Yr F/+, 23rd in recruiting)
5. Minnesota (33 spots - 72nd in 4Yr F/+, 39th in recruiting)
6. Michigan (32 spots - 45th in 4Yr F/+, 13th in recruiting)
6. Washington State (32 spots - 114th in 4Yr F/+, 82nd in recruiting)
8. Iowa State (30 spots - 91st in 4Yr F/+, 61st in recruiting)
9. Colorado (27 spots - 75th in 4Yr F/+, 48th in recruiting)
10. Tennessee (25 spots - 37th in 4Yr F/+, 12th in recruiting)