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Varsity Numbers: POE, Highlight Yards and This Year's Draftable RBs

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Today's Varsity Numbers column in eight words: pick a running back in the later rounds.

Two backs stand out quite a bit on this list, and neither tends to rank very highly on Draft experts' lists. Both Alex Green and Roy Helu Jr. have struggled with fumbles at times, which probably hurts their stock a bit, but since fumbles simply count as zero-point carries in this system, they are possibly not punished as much as they could be. Each has their own other negative traits as well (Helu is injury-prone, and Green runs high), but their numbers are fantastic.

Green's Highlight Yardage and Adj. POE totals were off-the-charts great in 2010 after general mediocrity as a first-year junior college transfer in 2009 (2.15 Hlt. Yds. per carry, minus-4.8 Adj. POE); his speed score is solid but unspectacular. He just needs to hold onto the damn ball. Meanwhile, Roy Helu had both injury and fumbleitis issues at times in his career, but his upside is significant. Just ask Missouri. He has great speed for his size, and he makes great things happen when he gets to the second level. His Adj. POE hints at inconsistency, but he is one of my favorite backs in this Draft, and I'm glad the numbers support me.