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As always, we (mostly) finish the week with Varsity Numbers.

What is interesting is that using the Adj. Run Percentage process -- separating percentages out between standard downs and passing downs -- can tell us who has consistent approaches and who tends to experience a shift in mindset from standard downs to passing downs.

Playing It Safe

Some teams tend to wing the ball around quite a bit on standard downs but grow much more conservative on passing downs.

USC (105th in Run Percentage on Standard Downs, 43rd on Passing Downs).
Georgia (55th on Standard Downs, seventh on Passing Downs)
Alabama (56th on Standard Downs, 14th on Passing Downs)
California (81st on Standard Downs, 46th on Passing Downs)

Teams with this approach almost end up with artificially inflated passing numbers; they are going to throw the ball rather efficiently, but they do not necessarily trust their passing game to make a play when they need it.