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2011 College Football Season

Study Hall: Arkansas 29, Kansas State 16

Advanced statistics from Arkansas' 29-16 win over Kansas State in the 2012 Cotton Bowl.

Study Hall: Florida State 18, Notre Dame 14

Advanced statistics from Florida State's 18-14 win over Notre Dame in the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl.

Study Hall: Baylor 67, Washington 56

Advanced statistics from Baylor's 67-56 win over Washington in the Alamo Bowl in December.

Study Hall: Oregon 45, Wisconsin 38

Advanced statistics from Oregon's 45-38 win over Wisconsin in the 2012 Rose Bowl.

Study Hall: West Virginia 70, Clemson 33

Statistics and analysis from West Virginia's 70-33 destruction of Clemson in the 2012 Discover Orange Bowl.

Year-End F/+ Rankings Now Available

Full-season 2011 F/+ rankings from Football Outsiders.

F/+ Rankings, End Of Regular Season

This week's F/+ college football rankings from Football Outsiders.

Week 14 F/+ Rankings

This week's F/+ rankings from Football Outsiders.

Momentum Rankings After 13 Weeks

A look at this week's college football momentum rankings from Bill Connelly.

Week 13 F/+ Rankings

This week's F/+ rankings from Football Outsiders.

Study Hall: Penn State 20, Ohio State 14

Advanced stats from Penn State's 20-14 win over Ohio State in Columbus, OH, on Saturday.

Study Hall: Baylor 45, Oklahoma 38

Advanced stats from Baylor's 45-38 win over Oklahoma in Waco last Saturday night.

Study Hall: Michigan 45, Nebraska 17

Advanced stats from Michigan's 45-17 win over Nebraska last Saturday in Ann Arbor.

Study Hall: USC 38, Oregon 35

Advanced stats from USC's 38-35 win over Oregon last Saturday night in Eugene, OR.

Study Hall: Virginia 14, Florida State 13

Advanced statistics from Virginia's 14-13 win over Florida State in Tallahassee last Saturday.

Study Hall: Georgia 19, Kentucky 10

Advanced statistics from Georgia' 19-10 win over Kentucky in Athens on Saturday. The win clinched the SEC East title for Georgia.

Study Hall: Kansas State 17, Texas 13

Advanced statistics from Kansas State's 17-13 win over Texas in Austin on Saturday.

Study Hall: N.C. State 37, Clemson 13

Advanced statistics from N.C. State's 37-13 win over Clemson last Saturday in Raleigh.

Study Hall: Notre Dame 16, Boston College 14

Advanced statistics from Notre Dame's 16-14 win over Boston College on Saturday in South Bend.

Study Hall: Iowa State 37, Oklahoma State 31

Advanced statistics from Iowa State's 37-31 win over Oklahoma State last Friday night in Ames, IA.

Momentum Rankings After 12 Weeks

A look at the hottest and coldest teams in college football.

Week 12 F/+ Rankings

This week's F/+ rankings from Football Outsiders. 1) LSU, 2) Alabama, 3) Oklahoma State, 4) Oregon, 5) Boise State.

Study Hall: Kansas State 53, Texas A&M 50

Advanced statistics from Kansas State's 53-50 overtime win over Texas A&M last Saturday in Manhattan.

Study Hall: TCU 36, Boise State 35

Advanced statistics from TCU's 36-35 win over Boise State last Saturday in Boise.

Study Hall: Oregon 53, Stanford 30

Advanced statistics from Oregon's 53-30 win over Stanford on Saturday at Stanford.

Study Hall: Oklahoma State 66, Texas Tech 6

Advanced statistics from Oklahoma State's 66-6 win over Texas Tech in Lubbock last Saturday.

Study Hall: Florida State 23, Miami 19

Advanced statistics from Florida State's 23-19 win over Miami last Saturday in Tallahassee.

Study Hall: Georgia 45, Auburn 7

Advanced statistics from Georgia's 45-7 win over Auburn in Athens on Saturday.

Study Hall: Baylor 31, Kansas 30

Advanced statistics from Baylor's 31-30 win over Kansas last Saturday in Lawrence.

Study Hall: Washington State 37, Arizona State 27

Advanced statistics from Washington State's 37-27 win over Arizona State last Saturday night in Pullman, WA.

Study Hall: Virginia Tech 37, Georgia Tech 26

Advanced statistics from Virginia Tech's 37-26 win over Georgia Tech last Thursday night in Atlanta.

Study Hall: Toledo 66, Western Michigan 63

Advanced statistics from Toledo's 66-63 win over Western Michigan last Tuesday night in Toledo.