What I Love

RIP, Beano Cook

A celebration of Beano Cook.

What I Love: Dennis Dixon Highlights

A celebration of Dennis Dixon's work as Oregon quarterback in 2007.

What I Love: Darren Sproles Highlights

A celebration of Darren Sproles' career at Kansas State.

What I Love: The Stanford THUNDERCHICKENS

A celebration of the Stanford Thunderchickens of 1970.

What I Love: Randy Moss Highlights

A celebration of Randy Moss highlights from his time at Marshall.

What I Love: The Backyard Brawl

A celebration of the Backyard Brawl rivalry from an outsider's perspective.

What I Love: Keith Jackson

A celebration of former college football broadcaster Keith Jackson.

What I Love: The 2001 Miami Hurricanes

A celebration of the 2011 Miami Hurricanes football team.

What I Love: June Jones

A celebration of June Jones' long, bold coaching career.

What I Love: Northwestern 54, Michigan 51 (2000)

A celebration of both Randy Walker and Northwestern's 54-51 win over Michigan in 2000.


What I Love: College Football

A celebration of great college football memories.

What I Love: Mascot-on-Mascot Violence

A celebration of mascot-on-mascot violence in college football.

Fun Stat Nerd Tidbit: Ole Miss

A celebration of the 1959 Ole Miss squad.

What I Love: The 2000 Independence Bowl

A celebration of the 2000 Independence Bowl between Texas A&M and Mississippi State, played in epic snow.

What I Love: Lehigh-Lafayette

A celebration of the Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry.

What I Love: The 1990 Virginia-Georgia Tech Game

A look back at the 1990 college football season, particularly the Georgia Tech-Virginia football game.

What I Love: The Little Brown Jug

A celebration of college football rivalries and their silly traditions.

What I Love: Old-School Touchdown Dances

Specifically, I'm talking about the "raise your arms in the air and run in place like you're playing Wii" dance. The "double-time Jazzercise" dance. The "walking over hot coals in a comedy"...

What I Love: Barry Sanders Highlights

A celebration of Barry Sanders highlights from his time at Oklahoma State.

What I Love: Death Valley

A celebration of the Howard's Rock tradition at Clemson.

What I Love: The Old Pitt Helmet

A celebration of the old Pitt Panthers football helmet from the 1970s and 1980s.

What I Love, Vol. 6: Dreamland

A celebration of the ties between restaurants/bars and college football teams (like Dreamland to Alabama or Eskimo Joe's to Oklahoma State).

What I Love, Vol. 5: Tom Harmon Highlights

What I love about college football: Tom Harmon highlights.

What I Love, Vol. 4: The 1966 Notre Dame-Michigan State Game

Loving the 1966 Michigan State-Notre Dame football game.

What I Love, Vol. 3: The 1985 Oklahoma Sooners

A nod of appreciation to the 1985 Oklahoma Sooners.

What I Love, Vol. 2: Saturday's America

A review of Saturday's America, a collection of Dan Jenkins columns from the 1960s and early-1970s.

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