Study Hall is now available as a PDF for e-readers

I'm still trying to get a Kindle-specific version put out, but that process takes a while. But if you're dying to have Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories, wait no longer. It is now available for $8.99 at Football Outsiders!

Key 2012 Players and Who's Returning in 2013

A list of 2012 statistics for key offensive skill and defensive players, as well as info about who is and isn't returning in 2013.

Study Hall promotion: Vox Magazine

The fun part is realizing that every fan base in the country has experienced the same ridiculous moments of their own. Granted, each team has had a different mix of happiness and sadness (and not every fan base has had to deal with fifth downs and flea kickers), but every time you are dipped into the world of another team and set of fans, you realize how deep and ridiculously passionate the college football world is.

July 12 Q&A

A physical copy!

I think the July 29 release date is pretty realistic now...

Bill on Solid Verbal

I always enjoy chatting with Dan and Ty. There's just enough book talk for me to justify putting it on the Study Hall hub, though there will likely be another appearance in another month or so.

Compu-Picks 2013 Spring Preview, Free Sample

Free Sample of the 2013 Compu-Picks Spring Preview, featuring the Alabama Crimson Tide and TCU Horned Frogs.


Overall, of the 697 regular season games involving IA opponents in 2012, the point spread differed from the actual result by an average of 12.10 points. While that may intuitively seem high considering the reverence with which the point spread is regarded, keep in mind that the smallest amount the point spread can differ from the actual result is zero, while the largest amount is theoretically infinite (if realistically about 55). Consider that it takes about six reasonably accurate spreads (say a difference of five points) to bring the huge UCLA/Arizona outlier down to the twelve point average.

From an interesting look at Vegas vs. college football by the good folks at College Football by the Numbers.

Sticking With the Theme of Data Sharing:

This isn't mine by any means, but I have been using it to create rankings for several past years (got back to 1990 as of now, with some scattered years prior to that). It's not nearly detailed enough to include play-by-play data, but it's got complete game scores for FBS schools going back to the early 1900's, and that's enough for some. As I've said, I've used these to create my own (amateur, probably wrong) rankings and I can say two things based on that: 1) 1959 Ole Miss was every bit the juggernaut Bill C said it was in his "100 Teams, 100 Years" Varsity Numbers Post 2) Steve Spurrier was a dick, based on 1996 Florida's obscene offense.


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