Compu-Picks Ratings, Post Week Ten - Top Four Unbeatens


One extra feature I'm adding to this week's Compu-Picks analysis is a closer look at the top four unbeaten teams according to the BCS: Alabama, Kansas St, Oregon and Notre Dame.

The below table looks at each of the 1-A games played by the above four teams, ranking them from the best to worst performances.

A couple things are pretty obvious from looking at the table: first, Alabama is almost exclusively near the top of the list. 5 of the top 9, 6 of the top 11, and 7 of the top 13 games. The only game that rated anywhere near the bottom was their blowout of FAU, which is more "this opponent is too atrocious to give much credit to a blowout win" than any kind of actual wart.

Second, Notre Dame is the inverse of Alabama, almost exclusively occupying the bottom of the list. 2 of the bottom 3 (and those 3 were WAY worse than any other performances on this list), 5 of the bottom 7, and 6 of the bottom 13. The Irish had one truly elite performance, the blowout win at Oklahoma, but other than that, there just isn't much heft to the resume compared to Alabama, Oregon or Kansas St.

It's harder to separate Oregon and Kansas St just from looking at the list, and in fact their resumes suggest a fairly similar conclusion. The basic difference is that Oregon's blowout of Arizona rates much better than KSU's blowout of Texas Tech, and KSU's struggle against North Texas is much worse than Oregon's mediocre win at Wazzu. But overall, the two teams' resumes are fairly close, and there's plenty of time for the gap between them to grow, shrink or possibly even reverse.

Rank Team Opp Name Loc Score
1 Notre Dame Oklahoma AWAY 30 - 13
2 Oregon Arizona HOME 49 - 0
3 Alabama Arkansas AWAY 52 - 0
4 Alabama Western Kentucky HOME 35 - 0
5 Kansas State Texas Tech HOME 55 - 24
6 Alabama Mississippi State HOME 38 - 7
7 Kansas State West Virginia AWAY 55 - 14
8 Alabama Missouri AWAY 42 - 10
9 Alabama Tennessee AWAY 44 - 13
10 Kansas State Oklahoma AWAY 24 - 19
11 Alabama Michigan NEUTRAL 41 - 14
12 Oregon Southern California AWAY 62 - 51
13 Alabama Louisiana State AWAY 21 - 17
14 Oregon Arizona State AWAY 43 - 21
15 Oregon Washington HOME 52 - 21
16 Oregon Fresno State HOME 42 - 25
17 Notre Dame Miami (Florida) HOME 41 - 3
18 Alabama Mississippi HOME 33 - 14
19 Notre Dame Michigan State AWAY 20 - 3
20 Kansas State Oklahoma State HOME 44 - 30
21 Kansas State Miami (Florida) HOME 52 - 13
22 Notre Dame Navy NEUTRAL 50 - 10
23 Kansas State Kansas HOME 56 - 16
24 Oregon Colorado HOME 70 - 14
25 Oregon Arkansas State HOME 57 - 34
26 Kansas State Iowa State AWAY 27 - 21
27 Alabama Florida Atlantic HOME 40 - 7
28 Notre Dame Stanford HOME 20 - 13 (OT)
29 Notre Dame Michigan HOME 13 - 6
30 Notre Dame Brigham Young HOME 17 - 14
31 Oregon Washington State AWAY 51 - 26
32 Notre Dame Pittsburgh HOME 29 - 26 (OT)
33 Kansas State North Texas HOME 35 - 21
34 Notre Dame Purdue HOME 20 - 17

There are a few important notes and caveats I need to make about this model:

1) Compu-Picks does not endorse implicitly or explicitly any form of illegal gambling. Compu-Picks is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only.

2) No guarantee or warranty is offered or implied by Compu-Picks for any information provided and/or predictions made.

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