Study Hall: Boise State 35, Georgia 21

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 03: Kellen Moore #11 of the Boise State Broncos reacts after a touchdown against the Georgia Bulldogs at Georgia Dome on September 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

God, Boise's pass attack is good...

Boise State 35, Georgia 21

Boise State Georgia Boise State Georgia
Close % 96.9% STANDARD DOWNS
Field Position % 49.3% 26.7% Success Rate 45.3% 35.3%
Leverage % 74.7% 56.7% PPP 0.34 0.40
S&P 0.797 0.751
EqPts 27.1 22.8 PASSING DOWNS
Close Success Rate 45.1% 26.8% Success Rate 44.4% 19.2%
Close PPP 0.38 0.31 PPP 0.49 0.36
Close S&P 0.832 0.577 S&P 0.934 0.548
EqPts 10.5 9.6 Number 1 1
Close Success Rate 35.1% 28.0% Turnover Pts 4.6 3.3
Close PPP 0.28 0.38 Turnover Pts Margin -1.2 +1.2
Close S&P 0.634 0.662
Line Yards/carry 2.36 2.98 Q1 S&P 0.763 0.634
Q2 S&P 0.857 0.339
PASSING Q3 S&P 0.968 0.819
EqPts 16.6 13.2 Q4 S&P 0.720 0.820
Close Success Rate 55.9% 25.8%
Close PPP 0.49 0.25 1st Down S&P 0.712 0.688
Close S&P 1.047 0.508 2nd Down S&P 1.183 0.842
SD/PD Sack Rate 0.0% / 0.0% 5.9% / 27.8% 3rd Down S&P 0.478 0.176
Projected Pt. Margin: Boise State +3.1 | Actual Pt. Margin: Boise State +14

Five Thoughts:

  1. This game was decided by the passing game. Neither run game was altogether impressive -- Boise was semi-efficient but less than explosive, while Georgia was explosive and inefficient -- but Boise State's Kellen Moore led a downright clinical pass attack, while Georgia's Aaron Murray just couldn't get out of the way of Boise's pass rush.

  2. To further this point, look at standard downs and passing downs. The two teams were similar on standard downs (BSU was more efficient, Georgia more explosive), but when the teams fell into passing downs, a) Kellen Moore made plays for BSU, and b) Georgia's drives died quickly.

  3. Boise State actually didn't do very well at all on third downs, but they executed so well on second-and-long that they were able to leverage their way back on schedule. Georgia did not.

  4. The game played out on paper just like it did on your television screen. Boise State seized control in the second quarter, then held off an improving Georgia offense in the second half. There's a reason why Truth No. 1 on this list is No. 1.

  5. The Georgia offensive line was able to at least perform at a reasonable level in terms of run blocking (the national average for Line Yards in Week One was 2.65), but they just had no answer for Boise's pass rush. None. BSU has once again proven that their defensive line might be one of the five best in the country, just like it was last year.

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